ACarbon® Activated Carbon

ACC is a leading activated carbon supplier in China, producing and supplying a wide range of powder, spherical, extruded and granular activated carbon, including acid-washed and impregnating products, which are widely used in liquid and gas phase filtration, purification, refinement and new energy industries to meet the needs of our customers.

ACC activated carbon has been recognized by certificate authorities in different fields such as NSF, BV, HALA and Kosher.

Renewable Raw Material Activated Carbon
ACC is currently the most complete variety, the highest level of technology, the most widely used renewable
Spherical Activated Carbon
The latest generation of spherical activated carbon processed with special ion resin as raw material and using the world's leading spherical …
Ultra-high Specific Surface Area Activated Carbon (1).webp
ACC Superb Series is tailor-made activated carbon designed by our R&D Dept. for supporting customers' specialized application segments.
Precious Metal Carrier Activated Carbon
Selected high quality powder, columnar, uncertain granular activated carbon as base carbon, combined with a number of catalytic synthesis …
Anthracite Filter Media (1) (1).webp
ACC® Anthracite filter media is made of the finest anthracite, by advanced selection, crashing, and twice sieving techiniques, forming good outside …
Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery
Strong separation and recovery performance for organic solvents and organic vapors such as ethers, ketones, alcohols, tetrahydrofuran, methylene chloride, …
Activated Carbon for RNG/Biogas
Separating impurities such as hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), siloxane, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen from RNG/Biogas and well meets  …
Automobile Series include the activated carbon for automobile air conditioner filters and carbon canisters of fuel cars, which are suitable for different …
Super Capacitor Activated Carbon (2) (1) (1).webp
ACarbon® EDLC Series Activated Carbon is specifically designed for supercapacitors, this type of activated carbon exhibits remarkable adsorbability and …
Activated Carbon for Human Protection
Widely be used in acid and alkali prevention, military and CBRN respiratory system protection equipment in specific occasions to protect and defend against …
Activated Carbon for Anti-sublimation
The product has super high specific surface area, low ash content, developed pore structure, strong adsorption capacity, good anti-sublimation …
Activated Carbon for Oil and Gas
We provide leading activated carbon products for a variety of oil and gas applications. ACC activated carbon is widely used to remove mercury and sulfide; …

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