Activated Carbon for Chloramine Removal

Catalytic carbon filtration is one of the most common ways to filter chloramines from drinking water. ACC chloramine removal activated carbon has the characteristics of high catalytic activity, high adsorption, high strength, high conversion rate, suitable for the removal of chloramine and other harmful substances in drinking water. This product is specially treated with extremely high purity and very low ash, ferric salt and heavy metals content. The reasonable pore size structure makes it particularly suitable for the removal of low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorination byproducts, such as chloroform and other trihalomethane (THMs). The low specific gravity allows it to be widely used in a variety of closed containers. This series of products meet food grade requirements and have passed the relevant testing requirements of NSF/ANSI.

Application: Chloramine removal from drinking water; Treatment of industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, swimming pool and aquarium water; Bottled water and soft drink water treatment, special areas deodorization, impurity removal.

Products Recommendation

Product / Series
   Specific Surface Area: 1500-2500m²/g

   Iodine Number: 1450-2000mg/g

   Bulk Density: 280-420kg/m3

   PH: 4-8

   Ash content: 7% max.

   Particle Size: 5-10μm
  Iodine Number: 1000 -1200mg/g

  Chloramine activity: 22mg/g

   Bulk Density: 300-350kg/m3

 Ph: 5-9

  Typical Size: 5-10μm

      Others: Granule, Powdery
   Iodine Number: 1000-1450mg/g

   Specific Surface Area: 1000-1450m²/g

   Bulk Density: 400-500kg/m³

   Ash Content: 5% max.

   Hardness: 95% min.

   Particle Size: 8x20,12x30,30x60
①  Large specific surface area; 

②  Good adsorption property; 

③ Effectively increasing the chloramine removal rate  more than 15% 
①  High activity, high purity;

②  Low ash, iron salt and heavy metal content. Especially suitable for the removal of chloramine group and other harmful substances in drinking water.

③  Typical type effectively increasing the chloramine removal rate more than 15% 
①  Coconut shell based; steam activation;

②  Catalyzed, highly activity granular activated carbon;

③  Effective in the removal of chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from drinking water.

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