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Activated Carbon for Oil and Gas

We provide leading activated carbon products for a variety of oil and gas applications.

Our activated carbon is widely used to remove mercury and sulfide; Purifying hydrogen by pressure swing adsorption (PSA); Gas storage, etc.

Activated Carbon for Mercury Removal 

Most natural gas contains small amounts of mercury. Mercury removal is particularly important in the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), as mercury can lead to corrosion of aluminum heat exchangers during production. The ACarbon HgR series activated carbon uses leading technology for mercury removal from natural gas to accept large amounts of impregnation while maintaining access to complex pore structures for treated gas. After activation, sulfur is distributed in a thin layer over a wide internal surface area of carbon, effectively purifying the gas and removing mercury compounds that damage process equipment.

Products Recommendation

  Sulfur Content: 8-15% 

  CTC: 60% min.

  Hardness: 96% min.

  Particle size:  4mm,4x10mesh 
①  Columnar carrier;

②  Good adsorption effect;

③  High strength;

④  The mercury concentration of the treated gas may even be lower than 0.01ug/Nm³
Activated Carbon for Desulfurization

Activated carbon is used to desulfurize from ethylene, natural gas and biogas. Activated carbon particles can be used to remove H₂S from landfills, anaerobic digester (AD), or municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) biogas streams.

Products Recommendation

  CTC: 60%; 70%

  Bulk Density: 450-550kg/m³

  Hardness: 95%min.

  Particle size: 3mm, 4mm
  CTC: 70%min.

  Bulk Density: 530+/-20kg/m³

  Hardness: 98% min.

  Particle size: 4mm
①  KI、KOH、NaOH impregnated

②  H₂S adsorption rate:0.15g/cc

③  No bulging, safe transportation
①  H₂S adsorption rate: 0.2~0.3g/cc

②  Non-impregnated carbon, all pore volume and surface area can be used to adsorb sulfur;

③  High ignition point, good safety
Activated Carbon for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

High purity gases are increasingly used in refinery operations. Remote extraction sites often require gas generation on site. Activated carbon plays a key role in separating oxygen, hydrogen, and other critical gases from air in PSA systems. ACC activated carbon products have proven to be ideal adsorbents for this application, with a very high surface area that ensures high adsorption capacity and selective adsorption and desorption under varying pressures.

Products Recommendation

  Loading density: 600-660g/L

  Particle Size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm

  Moisture: 3%-5%

  Hardness: 95%min.

  Ash Content: 6%-12%

  CO₂ Absorption Capacity(NmL/g):
68min., 72min., 74min.
①  Low ash;

②  High strength;

③  Reasonable pore structure;

④  Effective adsorption and desorption
Activated Carbon for Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) Storage

ACarbon®activated carbon can store methane (the main component in natural gas) at lower storage pressure, thereby reducing the cost of compression and storage container costs, and reducing safety hazards.

Products Recommendation

Product / Series
  Iodine Number: 1000-1300mg/g

  CTC: 80-110%

  Bulk Density: 300-380kg/m³

  Particle Size:4x8, 6x12
  Specific Surface Area: 1600-2100m²/g

  Bulk Density: 300-360kg/m³

  Particle Size: 2mm
①  Large surface area;

②  Well-developed aperture;

③  Different particle sizes are suitable for different working designs
①  Ultra-high surface area;

②  Ultra-low ash content

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