Activated Carbon for RNG/Biogas 

RNG/biogas is a fast growing industry that requires activated carbon to purify combined heat and power (CHP) and pipeline injection. Methane is increasingly being collected from the anaerobic digestion (AD) of organic waste from agricultural production, municipal water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) and landfills. The RNG/biogas is being upgraded to a renewable energy source that can reduce emissions and replace fossil energy sources. ACC activated carbon separates impurities such as hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), siloxane, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen from RNG/Biogas and well meets user needs in a comprehensive phased approach. In this way, ACC is contributing to build up a clean, healthy and sustainable energy future.

 Activated Carbon for H₂S Removal——DS Series

While biogas is used in internal combustion engines, turbines or fuel cells,  H₂S contained in the biogas will corrode the equipments. ACarbon DS Series is specifically designed to remove H₂S from biogas streams, effectively providing a high performance, cost effective H₂S removal solution. Produced by a proprietary high temperature steam activation process, it performs well in high H₂S adsorption rate, high loading capacity and long service life.

Products Recommendation

Adsorption Capacity
①  Impregnated with KI、KOH、NaOH
①  Non-impregnated carbon, all pore volume and surface area available for sulphur adsorption;

②  High ignition point, High security in logistics transportation
H₂S adsorption rates 0.15g/cc
H₂S adsorption rates 0.2~0.3g/cc
Activated Carbon for Siloxane Removal——SIL Series

ACarbon® SIL Series has an ultra-high specific surface area and offers 15 times higher siloxane removal and 5 times longer service life than traditional activated carbon, effectively increasing loading capacity, improving gas purity, reducing maintenance costs, reducing the frequency of material changes and increasing gas treatment capacity.

Activated Carbon for Siloxane Removal——SIL Series.webp

Products Recommendation

   Specific Surface Area: 1600m²/g min.

   Particle Size: 2mm

   Bulk Density: 300-360kg/m³
Activated carbon for VOCs Removal——WEC/BP Series

Biogas that derived from landfill gas (LFG) and from agriculture and wastewater treatment facilities is usually heavily contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As the market for biogas continues to shift from power generation to renewable natural gas (i.e. biomethane), the removal of halogenated VOCs has become extremely important to biogas upgrading systems and to the effective operation of gas permeation membranes.

ACarbon® WEC series and BP series activated carbons have a well-developed pore structure, high specific surface area, selective adsorption, significant effectiveness in VOCs removal, high adsorption capacity compared to coal-based activated carbons, long service life and low overall cost.

Products Recommendation

   CTC: 70-100%

   Particle Size: 2mm,3mm,4mm,

   Bulk Density: 360-420kg/m³

   Ash Conent: 7% max.

   Hardness: 95% min.
   CTC: 50- 80%

   Particle Size: 2mm,3mm,4mm

   Bulk Density: 280-420kg/m³

   Ash Content: 8% max.

   Hardness: 90% min.
① Wood based granulated carbon Developed pore structure

② High surface area

③ Strong adsorption capacity

④ Improved gas quality

⑤ Reduced operational costs

⑥ Reduced downtime
① Bamboo based activated carbon

② Developed pore structure

③ High surface area

④ Strong adsorption capacity

⑤ Fewer usage in unit volume

⑥ Lower comprehensive cost

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