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Densified Microsilica

ACC® densified microsilica is a by-product of the production of ferrosilicon alloys or silicon metal, with SiO₂ content range from 85% to 96%, bulk density around 500-700kg/m³.



Based on SiO₂ conent, ACC® densified microsilica are classified as Grade G85D, Grade 92D and Grade 95D. It’s collected, and packed from ferrosilicon or silicon metal factories directly, the automatic and integrated production process guarantees the consistent quality.


  • High Pozzolanic Activity Index.
  • High Compressive strength.
  • Low loss on ignition.


  • Without blending, no impurity, the SiO2 content of each gram can be 100% guaranteed qualified.
  • Integrated production, including microsilica collection and package.
  • Already approved by many reputed laboratories.
  • Long-term stable supply with the same source.


  • Improve compressive strength and bond strength.
  • Improve abrasion resistance.
  • Reduce permeability.
  • Protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion.


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Products Specifications
G85D SiO₂>85%, Bulk density: Around 500-700kg/m³
G92D SiO₂>92%, Bulk density: Around 500-700kg/m³
G95D SiO₂>94%, Bulk density: Around 500-700kg/m³


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