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FNG Silica Gel

ACC®FNG Silica Gel is processed and formed from powders. Besides with the adsorption feature prossessed by ordinary silica gel, FNG silica gel also possesses good water resistant property, low break down rate of reciamation and long service life, etc.



ACC® FNG Silica Gel is pellets shape and white or light grey color.


Applications >>

Mainly used for drying in the air separating process, the adsorption of acetylene in preparation of liquidified air and liquidified oxygen. It’s also used for drying compressed air and various industrial gases. In petrochemical industry, electric power industry, brewing industry and other industries, etc,. it’s used as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier. It may also be used as the buffer drier, silica sand etc. for ordinary silica protective bed.


Size >>

2.5-4mm, 4-8mm.


Packaging >>

20 or 25kg per compound bag, or 500kg per jumbo bag.


Notes >>

Packing and size can be customized per your specific requirements.


Application Fields >>

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Liquid Oxygen


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