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Graphite Anode Materials

Graphite anode materials are mainly artificial graphite and natural graphite.

Artificial graphite locks high quality coke resources, pure green power, large scale integrated production, with sufficiently high lithium embedding amount and very good lithium de-embedding reversibility to ensure high voltage, high capacity and long cycle life and current density requirements.

Natural graphite by polymer liquid phase coating of raw materials, can make polymer small particles uniformly adsorbed on the surface of graphite particles, high temperature carbonization in the graphite surface to form a uniform and continuous carbon layer, compared to the asphalt solid phase coating more dense and continuous, uniform thickness.

Products Recommendation

Artificial graphite
Natural graphite
  Average particle size: 8-23cm

  Specific surface area: 1.35-2m²/g

  Compacted density: 1.55min

Discharge capacity: 348( mA • h)/g min

First coulomb efficiency: 92%min
  Average particle size: 14-17cm

  Specific surface area: 2.5-3.5m²/g

  Compacted density: 1.05-1.15

  Discharge capacity: 360( mA • h)/g min

First coulomb efficiency:≥93%
①  It is easy to graphitize and the carbon content can reach more than 99.95% after purification. 

②  High electrical conductivity; 

③  High cost performance;
①  High temperature storage and high temperature cycling effect.

②  Solid phase coating is more dense and continuous and uniform thickness.
Lithium ion battery anode material; 

Battery industrial electrode
3C、xEV、Power tool、start-stop

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