Xiamen All Carbon Corporation(ACC) was established, operating in 2 main industries: Carbon Materials represented by high-performance activated carbon and Chemical products represented by microsilica.

Activated carbon stably sold to the US, Europe, Asia and Africa markets.

Microsilica sold to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other Middle Eastern markets.

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ACC white microsilica (zirconia microsilica) entered to the European market.

First launched high CTC, high hardness Coconut shell based extruded activated carbon and successfully entered the European and American markets.

Burj Dubai project


Supply of microsilica to the Burj Dubai project in the UAE



Cooperation with MAHLE on activated carbon for automotive canister ,  approved and certified by MAHLE

microsilica package


Firstly use water-soluble paper bags for microsilica package and successfully entered to the International market.

the largest exporter of microsilica


Being the largest exporter of microsilica in South America.

Wood based extruded activated carbon with High CTC and hardness entered into Europe, Asia, America and other international markets.

Daimler & Benz


Cooperation with Daimler & Benz to jointly develop the automobile canister carbon for new cars.

water treatment plant project.webp


Successfully gained a large water treatment plant project in Jordan, stably supplied activated carbon and anthracite filter media.

Lotte World Tower


Microsilica supplied to the construction of Lotte World Tower in South Korea.

suppliers of microsilica in Japan


Microsilica entered to the Japanese market and became one of the main suppliers of microsilica in Japan.

Microsilicon supply for airport project


Microsilicon supply for new airport project in Mexico

bamboo based activated carbon


Successfully launched bamboo based activated carbon

ion resin spherical activated carbon


Successfully launched the new generation of ion resin spherical activated carbon products.

high BET specific surface area activated carbon


R&D with Fortune 500 companies on the application of high BET specific surface area activated carbon.

B Type Silica Gel


Silica Gel into the Japanese market

Human protective activated carbon


To promote sustainable development, activated carbon produced from renewable raw materials (wood, bamboo, coconut shell, resin) has reached 80% of our company's product share.

Human protective activated carbon into the Russian market

new energy carbon materials


Fully enter the field of new energy carbon materials, including porous carbon materials, silicon carbon anode materials, hard carbon, etc.

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