Human Protection
Human Protection

ACarbon® Activated Carbon and protection products provide effective personal and collective defense against potentially harmful smoke, gas, air particles and dust. They are widely used in acid and alkali prevention, military and CBRN respiratory system protection equipment in specific occasions to protect and defend against various pollutants, including NIOSH gas, CO, phosgene, sarin, chemical warfare agents and other toxic industrial chemicals.

Human Protection Activated Carbon

Human protection virgin activated carbon mainly includes ion resin based spherical activated carbon and high specific surface area coconut shell base activated carbon.

ACC offers non-impregnated and impregnated activated carbon for A, B, E, K, AE and ABEK type respirators for industrial operations, personal and collective protection.

ACarbon® impregnated activated carbon is used in military gas masks and respirators, collective protection filtration systems for warships, fighter aircraft, armored and other ground vehicles and military shelters; it can protect and defend against chemical weapons and blood agents.

Other Products of Human Protection Series

ACC gas masks are divided into two types according to their structures: direct and chest style. 

ACC Antitoxic Clothing is used in the environment where hazardous or sensitive substances exist or pollutants are treated, according to the standard GJB 1750-1993 General Specification for Carbon Breathable Protective Clothing. 

Our filter canister is usually cylindrical, made of metal or plastic and coated with anti-alkali paint.

Positive pressure fire fighting air breathing apparatus

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