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Ion Resin Based Activated Carbon

Ion resin based activated carbon is the core product of renewable raw material activated carbon. It is the latest generation of spherical activated carbon processed with special ion resin as raw material and using the world's leading spherical activated carbon production technology. With high strength (hardness), high fluidity, high purity, low ash, low impurities; it gets very smooth surface with bright, high spherical shape, with available particle size from 0.1mm~0.9mm, specific surface area:1000-1600 m²/g. Products can be customized according to customer needs. It is widely used in high-end water treatment, pharmaceutical industry, military and civil protection products, electrode energy storage and other fields.

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Raw Materials
Ion resin
  Specific Surface Area: 1000-1600㎡/g
  Hardness: 99%                 
  Bulk Density: 460-600kg/m³
  Particle Size: 0.1-0.9mm      
①  High purity, high strength, high wear resistance;
②  Less carbon dust and very low impurity content;
③  Smooth surface with bright, high sphericity.
  Protective suit;


  High-end water treatment;

  Energy storage.

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