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Microsilica for Ceramic

ACC® microsilica used for ceramic application, with grey, light grey or white color, fire resistance 1600℃ min. .It has the characteristics of small fineness and specific surface area, about 80-100 times of cement, 50-70 times of fly ash.



  • Significantly improve the compressive, flexural, impermeable, corrosion, impact and wear resistance.
  • With water retention, prevent segregation, bleeding and other functions.
  • It can significantly prolong the service life of ceramics. Especially in the harsh environment, the durability is improved several times.

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Type Products
Undensified Microsilica G92U,G94U, G96U
White Microsilica ZSF G94,ZSF G95, ZSF G96



Undensified. 500 or 600kg big jumbo bags, 20kg craft paper bag or 25kg plastic woven bags
White microsilica. 550kg big jumbo bags or 25kg plastic woven bags.
Special packaging also available based on customer’s request.


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Microsilica for Ceramic.webp

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