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Microsilica for Construction

ACC® Microsilica for construction has higher pozzolanic activity index, higher compressive strength and lower loss on ignition, which can be well used to improve bond strength and wear resistance, reduce permeability and protect steel bars from corrosion.



  • Improve compressive strength and bond strength.
  • Improve abrasion resistance.
  • Reduces permeability.
  • Protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion.

Products Recommendation>>

Type Products
Densified Microsilica G85D, G92D, G95D
Undensified Microsilica G85U, G92U, G94U


Packaging >>

Densified: 1000kg big jumbo bags or 10-25kg small bags, including craft paper bag or water soluble paper bag.
Undensified: 500 or 600kg big jumbo bags, 20kg craft paper bag or 25kg plastic woven bags.
Special packaging also available based on customer's request.


Application Field>>

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