ACC® Microsilica

    ACC is a leading supplier of microsilica in China. Our microsilica is sourced from major producers of zirconia, silicon metal and ferrosilicon in China. The product has the characteristics of high pozzolanic activity, low LOI, etc. It can also provide special products with SiO2 content up to 96%, chlorine content less than 0.1% and fluidity up to 22cm, etc. It is widely used in concrete, mortar, oilfield cementing, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer and other fields.

Packing: ACC can provide 1000kg jumbo bag and 10-25kg small bag packaging, including kraft paper bags and water-soluble paper bags, and can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

    Our products comply with ASTM C 1240 and EN13263:2005 standards, and have been recognized by many testing authorities such as SGS, Exova and ENR ranking enterprises.

 Quality Control

  • ACC microsilica’s recycling, densifying and filling processes are automatically integrated in a closed environment without any mixture or impurities. 
  • ACC is able to supply the client’s goods in a fixed production base so as to ensure the consistency and stability of microsilica quality.
  • We only sell fresh/seasonal microsilica, all microsilica sold to customers are freshly produced in season.
  • ACC microsilica passes through double quality check from both production sites and ports after production and before delivery, so as to ensure product quality.



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