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For the sustainable development of mankind, "carbon neutrality" has become a global consensus, and it is important to improve the efficiency of traditional energy sources and develop new energy technologies.

Porous carbon materials, with their excellent electrical conductivity, physical and chemical stability, and gas-liquid permeability, are playing an important and diverse role in solving global energy and environmental problems due to their adjustable pore structure and excellent performance. Porous carbon materials are considered as a promising material in the fields of energy storage and conversion and multiphase catalysis.

ACC is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of porous carbon materials, including: bio-based activated carbon with high specific surface area; resin-based spherical activated carbon; hard carbon as anode material for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries; EDLC  activated carbon for supercapacitors; mesoporous carbon for electrode materials, catalyst carriers or coating loadings.

ACC also produces and supplies silicon-based/silicon-carbon  materials and graphite as anode materials for lithium batteries.

ACC porous carbon materials include high BET surface area activated carbon, supercapacitor activated carbon, mesoporous carbon materials, and hard carbon anode.

ACC silicon-based and silicon-carbon anode materials mainly include: silicon oxide anode, pre-lithiated silicon oxide, silicon/graphite anode and silicon-carbon anode.

ACC graphite anode materials are mainly artificial graphite and natural graphite. 

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