Porous Carbon Materials
High Specific Surface Area Activated Carbon

High specific surface area activated carbon using bio-based and resin-based as the precursors system, it gets good pore structure and high controllability, total pore capacity greater than 0.8, well-developed micropores with a high ratio more than 90%, and high BET surface are more than 1500m²/g; it is speically used in lithium battery anode materials, energy storage and hydrogen energy, etc.

Super Capacitor Activated Carbon

Super capacitor activated carbon has the characteristics of super large BET surface area, concentrated pores, low ash, high electric capacity, low resistance, good conductiveness, less hydrogen precipitation, strong efficacy and long service life, etc. It is suitable for manufacturing high performance capacitors or batteries, such as super lead carbon batteries, super lithium capacitors, double layer capacitors and other products.

Mesoporous Carbon

Mesoporous carbon is made of high performance based carbon and prepared by special pore producing process. The product has the characteristics of concentrated pore size distribution, good thermal stability and electrical conductivity, etc. It is widely used in electrode materials, precious metal loading, etc.

Hard Carbon Anode Material

Hard carbon cathode material is made from natural plant base material and manufactured by a special process, which has high electrochemical performance and has obvious advantages in charge/discharge performance, cycling performance and low temperature performance.

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