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  Xiamen All Carbon Corporation(ACC) is one of the leading Silica Gel supplier in China. The main product series include A type Silica Gel, B type Silica Gel, C type Silica Gel, etc. The products are widely used in the fields of pet padding materials, such as cat litter, dry adsorption in building materials, agricultural fertilizer, etc. The products have been exported to Asia, America, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions. Moreover, we can provide customized services according to customer’s requirement.

Main applications recommend:

  • Pet padding materials, such as cat litter. Silica gel has super hygroscopicity, moisture absorption characteristics due to its highly developed microporous structure. So it can absorb pet feces, urine and the resulting odor in very short time, and can curb bacterial growth, keep the surface dry and clean.
  • Dry adsorption in building materials. Our products absorb moisture and volatile gas in the air, make the air fresh, and have a good moisture-proof effect.
  • Agricultural Fertilizer. Silica gel can be used as anti-cacking agent and pellet binding agent in agricultural fertilizers due to its strong adsorption performance. Our products have been sold to many countries and recognized by many well-known fertilizer factories.


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