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Silica Gel for Thin-layer Chromatography

ACC® thin layer chromatography silica gel has uniform particle size, high purity, good adsorption, strong selectivity, and stable product quality. It is currently the best quality product on the market.



ACC® thin-layer chromatography silica gel is made of high quality thin-layer chromatography silica gel raw materials (average pore size 60), which is finely processed through multiple processes such as grinding, particle classification, impurity removal, classification and packging. 


Characteristics >>

Thin-layer chromatography silica gel is white powdery particles, the main component is silica. It’s non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, insoluble in water and organic solvents, has a high specific surface and a certain pore structure, has strong adsorption performance, and easy to absorb moisture.


Applications >>

Thin-layer chromatography silica gel is mainly used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of main components or trace impurities in medicine, pesticides, Chinese herbal medicine, organic chemical products, petrochemical products, grains, food, and the purification and preparation of certain substances. The thin layer H can also be used as a carrier for dry cleaning agents.


Size >>

The main specification of the product including 10-20um, 20-40um, 10-40um, 0-10um, 3-8um, 5-10um, etc., or customized according to user needs.


Application Field>>

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Pharmaceutical Purification


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