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Silica Gel for Variable-Pressure Adsorption

Chemical molecular formula is SiO2.nH2O, with fast adsorption, quick desorption, stable chemically, nontoxic, tasteless, similar to fine-pored silica gel. Its selective adsorptive capacity is higher than fine-pored silica gel.



ACC®Silica Gel for variable-pressure adsorption is transparent or translucent color.


Applications >>

Variable pressure adsorption is a kind of new high technology used for gas separation and purifying. Mainly used for the recovery, separation and purifying of carbon dioxide gas. It is used for preparation of carbon dioxide in synthetic ammonia industry, food & processing industry, etc. It may also be used for drying, moisture absorption as well as dewatering of organic products.


Size >>

1-3mm, 2-5mm.


Packaging >>

25kg per compound bag.


Notes >>

Packing and size can be customized per your specific requirements.


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