Silicon-based and Silicon-carbon Anode Materials

ACC silicon-based and silicon-carbon anode materials mainly include: silicon oxide anode, pre-lithiated silicon oxide, silicon/graphite anode and silicon-carbon anode.

Silicon is one of the most prospective anode materials for lithium-ion batteries with the highest specific capacity (4200 mAh/g) discovered by mankind so far. However, it has low cycle life, high volume change, and persistent SEI film.

ACC silicon-carbon lithium-ion battery anode material adopts the emerging pre-lithiation technology, which can effectively improve these problems. It has a high lithium insertion potential, which prevents the formation and precipitation of lithium metal during the sintering process, and because the equilibrium potential is higher than the reduction potential of most electrolyte solvents, it does not form a passivation film with the electrolyte, at the solid-liquid interface, preventing many side reactions and greatly improving safety and stability. There is no need to add single-walled carbon nanotubes when the negative electrode of the cell is increased, which is cost-effective.

Products Recommendation

  Material: SiO

  First coulomb efficiency: 76.1%

  First discharge capacity: 1510.4 mAh/g
  Specific surface area: 2.2m²/g
  Composite Material: SiO/Graphite

  First coulomb efficiency: 91.1%

  First discharge capacity: 451.3mAh/g

  BET surface area: 1.4m²/g
  Composite Material:SiO/C

  Specific surface area 92.3%

  First discharge capacity 651.3mAh/g
  Specific surface area: 3.2m²/g
① High particle size concentration; 

② Dense carbon coating; 

③ Strictly control the size of silicon nanocrystals; 

④ Low metal impurity content; 
① High mixing uniformity 

② Low metal impurity content; 

③ High energy density; 

④ Good cyclic stability
① Adjustable silicon content; 

② Low metal impurity content; 

③ Good cyclic stability; 

④ Small volume expansion
High-performance lithium-ion batteries
High-performance lithium-ion batteries
Lithium ion battery anode material; 

Battery industrial electrode

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