Superb Activated Carbon
Super Activated Carbon

Special demands require special design.

ACC Superb Series is tailor-made activated carbon designed by our R&D Dept. for supporting customers' specialized application segments.

We have developed products properties for specific adsorption requirements, such as super high hardness, purity, surface area, iodine number, methylene blue, and customized particle size, absorptivities.

Products Recommendation

   Specific Surface Area: 1300-2500m²/g

   Methylene Blue: 230-500mg/g

   Iodine Number: 1300-2000mg/g

   PH 4-8

   Ash Content: 1-5%

   Moisture Content:5% max

   Pore Size Distribution: 1.5-3.0 nm

   Total Pore Volume: 2-2.75 cc/g
①   Customized particle size

②   Super high surface area

③   Strong adsorption capacity

④   Very low ash content
   Ultrapure Water

   Oil and Gas

   Cigarette Filters


   Catalyst Support

   Medical and Pharmaceutical


   Food and Beverage

 Ultra-high Specific Surface Area AC——CY Series

ACC ultra-high specific surface area activated carbon has a reasonable pore structure distribution, the specific surface area exceeds 2000 m²/g, so it has excellent adsorption performance and super plasticity, which can be customized according to different user requirement.

It is widely used in natural gas storage, purification of valuable drugs, catalyst carrier, macromolecular decolorization adsorption, gas separation, supercapacitors and electrode materials for high performance batteries.

Products Recommendation

  Specific Surface Area: 1500-2500m²/g

   Iodine Number: 1300-2000mg/g

   Bulk Density: 280-420kg/m³

   PH 4-8

   Ash Content: 7% max.

   Particle Size: 5-10μm, or as per customer's request.
①   Large specific surface area

②   Good adsorption property

③   Reasonable pore structure can effectively solve the contradiction between activation degree and pore size
   Catalyst carrier

   Energy storage

   Gas separation

   Electrode material

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