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Water-resistant Silica Alumina Gel

Usually used as protective layer of fine-pored silica gel or fine-pored silica-alumina gel, and can be used solely when dissociated water(liquid water) is in high content. Lower dew point can be reached when liquid water exits in system.


Appearance >>

Water-resistant Silica Alumina Gel is a water-resistant silica-alumina gel with fine pores.

Applications >>

It is mainly used as drying agent for air-separation, compressed air and industrial gases, as ethyne absorbent for preparation of liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen and as liquid absorbent or catalyst carrier in oil chemistry, electricity and brewery industry. Especially used as protective layer of common silica gel and silica alumina gel.

Size >>

1-3mm, 3-5mm, 2-4mm, 2-5mm.


Packaging >>

25kg per compound bag or 500kg per big jumbo bag.


Notes >>

Packing and size can be customized as per your specific requirements.

Compression strength has relation with the particle size.


Application Field >>

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Petrochemical Industry

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