Wood Based Activated Carbon

Wood based activated carbon is the core product of our renewable raw material activated carbon. We use high-quality wood as raw material, various activated carbon production technology, such as granulation, chemical, and steam activation,to produce pellet, granule and powder activated carbon products. ACC wood based activated carbon has the characteristics of high specific surface area, high CTC, high hardness, high activity, low ash, low impurities, and low flow resistance. It can effectively regulate the pore distribution structure and is widely used.

In the application of Vocs organic solvent recovery, it has high adsorption capacity and high cost-effectiveness, which is used to odor control and many other industrial purification and separation processes. It can be regenerated in situ using superheated steam or hot inert gas or externally through heating. It is also widely used in applications such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or those require high adsorption performance and high product safety requirements.

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